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I Still Have Something Interesting Left to Say

I’ve been silent these past couple of months, partially because I’ve been trying to listen. Although I’ve been quiet online, I’ve been keeping busy, putting myself out there in analog form, learning from others, testing theories in the wild. Some of the things I felt most sure about, I’ve now rejected. Some ideas have shown positive signs beyond what I could have hoped for. Some ideas have pleasantly popped out of nowhere, things I hadn’t even considered.

A lot has happened in the past few months. And yet I feel a vague sense of discomfort when someone asks, “So what are you up to now?

Not knowing the future is scary sometimes. It’s extremely uncomfortable to be in a period of iterating, of spending some days so elated and other days so low, sometimes within 24 hours of each other. Sometimes I just crave stability.

Musing about this with a friend over beers recently, he said to me, “I keep doing what I do, even when everybody around me doesn’t get it, because I feel like I still have something interesting left to say.

I’m not an entrepreneur. I never liked the label for myself. I’d rather think of myself as an artist. Sometimes it’s not clear what exactly needs to be said, or what form it will take, or even whether it will have any impact on the world. I don’t always know how to sculpt the right words or paint what I’m describing. I have no idea whether it will take months or years to tell the story I want to tell. But as long as I feel I have something interesting left to say, I’m going to keep saying it.